THE CURTAIN cast & crew THE CURTAIN cast & crew THE CURTAIN cast & crew
Premiered LIVE at 9:30PM, Mondays at The Bungalow Club. THE CURTAIN – web series New episodes online every Wednesday.
The Curtain Store Now you can get your very own The Curtain stuff! You can hang a poster on your wall, put a hat on your head, or a coaster on your coffee table along with a mug for said coaster. Check out The Curtain store to see what else is available HERE.
The L'asperches University Store While Greg and Reagan grew up together, they went their separate ways during their college years. Greg is a proud graduate of L'asperches University, as evident by the print on his wall, the stuffed porcupine mascot sitting on his television, and the shirt he sports in the final episode. Get your own gear at the L'asperches U. store.
The BORED GAMES Brand Board Games Store BORED GAMES Brand Board Games provides a humorous twist for nostalgic grown-ups--parodies of timeless classics enjoyed in their childhood. BORED GAMES is proud to announce the opening of their store after providing an early proto-type of one of their products for Greg to wear in Episode 8. From apparel to bags and posters, check out what they have in store at
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